The Santa Barbara Bowl Stays Carbon-Neutral With Donation

For the third consecutive year, Better World Energy, Inc. has helped the Santa Barbara Bowl stay carbon-neutral by donating wind generated Renewable Energy Certificates, which offset all the grid-based energy consumed by the Santa Barbara Bowl each year.

Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara Bowl

Through the donation of zero emission energy generated from wind farms, the Bowl neutralized the environmental impact of its electricity consumption from 2012 to 2014. In addition, the installation of thirty-six solar panels at the Bowl has generated 28,895kWh hours of electricity on site and saved 491,221lbs of Co2. The Santa Barbara Bowl became the first carbon-neutral outdoor concert venue in the U.S. in 2012, and remains a pillar in the community for its sustainability practices.

“The Santa Barbara Bowl is committed to doing everything it can to have as small a carbon footprint as possible,” said Rick Boller, executive director of the Santa Barbara Bowl. “We are honored to have a partner like Better World Energy whose foresight and leadership have enabled the Bowl to achieve many of its environmental goals.”

This alliance between Better World Energy and the Santa Barbara Bowl is part of a larger initiative by the Santa Barbara Bowl to become a greener facility. The Bowl maintains and develops community-leading practices for reducing environmental impact through water and energy conservation, solar generation, recycling, traffic mitigation and waste reduction.

“We are proud to partner with such a dynamic venue and organization whose environmental leadership in water conservation, recycling, and reductions in resources is so important at this time. The Santa Barbara Bowl is arguably America’s greenest venue and we are thrilled to support their commitment to carbon neutrality,” says John Smigelski, CEO of Better World Energy. “Patrons and performers at the Santa Barbara Bowl can focus on the music, without worrying about the environmental impact of this great venue. Like a catchy song, we hope that carbon neutrality will spread beyond the Santa Barbara Bowl, and we look forward to working with artists to help make the rest of their tours more sustainable.”

The donation of 673 megawatt-hours of wind generated Renewable Energy Certificates over the last three years is equivalent to the emission reductions of removing 107 vehicles from the road for one year. For more information on how to offset your day-to-day energy usage, visit

SB Bowl Carbon Offset Certificate
Donated Renewable Energy Certificates

About Better World Energy
Better World Energy is a California Corporation formed in 2010 behind a simple mission — to make the world a better place through better energy sources. Better World Energy is dedicated to reducing America’s greenhouse gas emissions by providing conservation tips and carbon offsets solutions. Better World Energy is based in San Luis Obispo with an office in Los Angeles.

About Santa Barbara Bowl
The Santa Barbara Bowl has become a home for the performing arts in Santa Barbara. As the largest outdoor
amphitheater in Santa Barbara County, the Bowl retains its intimate ambiance while offering
the freedom of a beautiful and natural outdoor venue. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a not for
profit 501(c)-3 organization run by concerned community volunteers dedicated to renovating
this historic facility.