Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon FootprintI have a carbon footprint?
Everyone has a carbon footprint. The car you drive, the plane you fly, and the home you live in all add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Is CO2 bad?
CO2 emissions are the #1 cause of global climate change. The earth is experiencing the hottest years on record. Weather extremes cause death and destruction around the globe. Can we afford to disregard the warnings of the scientific community? By reducing the amount of electricity produced from fossil fuels and keeping carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses out of the air, you can quite literally make the world a better place.

Can I do anything about it?
Yes! Start by reducing the electricity and energy that you consume as much as possible. Cut down on your waste and recycle what you can. Even after doing all that, there will still be carbon dioxide emissions associated with your live. This is your carbon footprint. Once you have taken measures to shrink your footprint, the next step is to offset your emissions. Most of the electricity delivered to you over the power lines comes from fossil fuels. Help replace those harmful sources with clean renewable energy by purchasing carbon offsets. When you offset your carbon footprint, you put clean energy on the electric grid and encourage the growth of the renewable energy industry.

Reduce your carbon footprint.
Take a step in the right direction!

Offset Your Vehicle

Whether you drive a hybrid or a vehicle that drinks up gasoline, your are using fossil fuels. Do your part to offset the carbon dioxide that’s coming out of that tailpipe!

Carbon offset my fuel-efficient vehicle for a year
Carbon offset my average car for a year
Carbon offset my Gas Guzzler for a year

Offset Your Flight

Want to fly first class? Offset the CO2 associated with your trip!

Carbon offset my flight
Carbon offset my flight
Carbon offset my flight

Offset Your Home

Don’t lose sleep over where you live. Kick CO2 to the curb!

Carbon offset my apartment for a year
Carbon offset my house for a year
Carbon offset my McMansion for a year

More Things To Offset

Sometimes you can’t avoid creating greenhouse gasses. We’re here to help!

Carbon offset my business
Carbon offset my wedding
Carbon offset my website

Offset Like You’re At The Deli

Offset by the pound and you can make a difference on any budget.

Carbon offset by the pound

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