About Better-World-Energy

Better World Energy is a California Corporation formed in 2010 behind a simple mission — to make the world a better place through better energy sources. Better World Energy is dedicated to reducing America’s greenhouse gas emissions by providing conservation tips and carbon offsets solutions.

The Better World Energy team consists of environmentalists from varied backgrounds that have joined together based on the belief that increasing the use of renewable energy can lead to a better world. The team includes an energy professional that has focused on environmental issues and renewable energy, an educator that is a long time Sierra Club member, and an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Each major traditional energy source such as coal, oil, nuclear and even natural gas have issues associated with them that cause concern for the environment.  Continued reliance on oil has contributed to disasters here at home and created geopolitical consequences around the world.   Renewable energy must become a larger part of our energy future if we are to make the world a better place.

The mission of Better World Energy, Inc. is to promote the use of renewable energy by making it convenient and affordable.   Better World Energy only utilizes renewable energy attributes from zero emission facilities such  as wind, solar or hydro – Facilities that make a difference.

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