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Our goal is to make the world a better place through better energy sources. We are dedicated to reducing America’s greenhouse gas emissions. We can provide your business with a solar thermal system that creates hot water with energy from the sun. Better World Energy also has helpful conservation tips and affordable renewable energy offsets.

Better World Energy Offers…

  • Carbon Offsets for the Home
    Your house uses electricity and fuel that create hefty amounts of greenhouse gases. Sleep better at night and purchase renewable energy credits equivalent the CO2 emissions associated with your home.

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    Renewable Energy Credits

  • More Carbon Offsets
    Energy generated for your vehicle, website, wedding, business, and airplane travel all produce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. See how much CO2 you are responsible for and offset your share by supporting renewable energy sources.

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    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Energy Conservation Tips
    Shrink your carbon footprint by conserving electricity and reducing your usage of fossil fuels.
    Tip #1: Switch to compact fluorescent lights. They produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs and use a quarter of the electricity!

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    Energy Conservation Tips

  • Solar Thermal Systems
    Sites that rely on hot water can benefit from this solution, which harness the sun’s energy to heat water like a second (environmentally friendly) boiler.

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    Solar Thermal

More About Better World Energy

Why You Should Buy From Us

For solar thermal systems, we represent Ritter XL Solar, creators of the greatest solar thermal technology available. Find out more.

For carbon offsets, Better World Energy promises to provide affordable carbon offsets at competitive prices. We believe that all carbon offsets are not created equal and strive to offer you carbon offsets with the greatest impact. Better World Energy only purchases renewable energy certificates from zero emissions generators such as wind farms or hydro facilities. By doing so, we believe we can maximize the environmental benefit of your purchase, through measurable reductions in greenhouse gases. Carbon offsets steer America away from electricity generated by fossil fuels toward energy from renewable sources. We offer several convenient ways to shrink your carbon footprint by offsetting the emissions created by your home, vehicle, airplane travel, business, or event. Purchase zero emission renewable energy now.

Why You Should Buy Carbon Offsets

When you purchase a carbon offset, you are taking responsibility for your environmental impact. You are reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and encouraging the growth of the renewable energy industry so that America can become a nation with cleaner air and less dependence on fossil fuels. Buying grid based renewable energy credits is the most cost effective way to reduce emissions.

How Carbon Offsets Works

After taking steps to reduce your energy consumption, you may want to do more to reduce your environmental impact. Since not everyone can install a solar thermal system to heat water with solar energy or a solar PV system to generate electricity, we provide a simple solution. To cancel out the greenhouse gas emissions created by and for you, we tackle the #1 producers of these harmful emissions — power plants that generate electricity from fossil fuels. Every carbon offset on this website is backed up by a renewable energy certificate that signifies new energy being added to America’s electricity pool from renewable source, like wind, to replace energy from fossil fuels. The vast majority of America’s electricity is still generated from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. Better World Energy believes the best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to replace traditional energy regeneration with electricity from clean renewable energy generators. Purchasing credits for grid based renewable energy is a very cost effective way to change our future.

What You Will Receive With Your Purchase

In addition to the warm feeling you will get just knowing you’ve helped made the world a better place, you will receive a certificate of purchase with a unique renewable energy certificate number for the environmental benefits of the megawatt hours of energy generated on your behalf.

Who Are Our Customers

Better World Energy is proud to help concerned individuals and business lower their carbon footprint with energy-saving tips and carbon offsets through this website. In addition to individuals, our customers include large institutions and businesses such as:

New York Power Authority
NYPA The Power Authority of the State of New York (NYPA) is one of the largest public power organization in the US, providing government agencies and institutions in the Empire State with low cost and renewably sourced electricity. NYPA is a leader in promoting the use of renewable energy. We are pleased to work with them to provide renewable energy to their customers. Learn more about NYPA.

University At Buffalo (UB), The State University of New York
UBUB is a premier, research-intensive public university dedicated to academic excellence and a flagship institution of the State University System of New York. The UB Green program has been a leader in promoting sustainability throughout the state. Learn more about University at Buffalo Sustainability.

UBHikespeak.com is an online place for the outdoors with write-ups for over 500 trails, as well as information on campgrounds and other outdoor attractions. The California-based website has an inherent interest in preserving the environment and offers carbon-neutral web browsing to visitors. Learn more about Hikespeak’s carbon-neutral site.

How We Do Our Part

Solar Powered Office
Better World Energy is offsetting all of our office electric energy use through installed Solar World PV panels with Enphase micro inverters. Click here to see how much energy we’re generating right now!

Santa Barbara Bowl
SBBLeading by example, Better World Energy helped the Santa Barbara Bowl become a carbon neutral facility in 2012 by donating 233 megawatt-hours of renewable energy certificates. In addition to being an excellent outdoor concert venue, the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization, and a community leader in green conservation practices. This donation from Better World Energy is equivalent to the emission reductions of removing 37 vehicles from the road for one year. We are pleased to be able to support such a dynamic venue and organization. Read about how Better World Energy continues to support the Santa Barbara Bowl.